About the Performing Theory Series

This series of Master Classes aims to present a wide variety of approaches to the artistic production of ideas in audio-visual form.  We are inviting performance artists and moving image makers whose work (written, performed, filmed) manifests theoretical innovation.  The latter part of the 20th century produced body of Anglo-American writing and work that are recognised today as canonical as with Hollis Frampton, Maya Deren, Peter Gidal for example.  With this series we want to produce a sample of this kind of interplay between ideas and creating that are underway today.  In so doing, we hope to open the field of play between theory and works to create new conversations. [https://www.chase.ac.uk]

Prospective Speakers:  Constanze Ruhm, Anna Vaz, Christopher Harris, Morgan Quaintance, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, Naeem Mohaiemen.